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BigFamilies Manual

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Multi Spouses

Add spouse using .
Click a time to add a spouse.
If there is a spouse, the system presents 'marry' with .
If there are multi spouses, the system presents 'marry' with
and a number to identify sequence of spouses.

Family tree can not show all spouses at the same time. Only one spouse is shown at a time.
So you have to choose which one to be shown. Click to choose.


The first spouse of Kanin has 3 kids.
No. 1 under double hearts informs that she is the first spouse.

Click to change to the second spouse.

The second spouse of Kanin has 1 kids
No. 2 under double hearts informs that she is the second spouse.

if is clicked again, it is changed to the first spouse.

Click here to login and enter

Email family.2@bigfamilies.net
member password star

to enter a sample family tree with 2 spouses.

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